14 Essential Work From Home Tips for a Successful Remote Experience

This makes it difficult to disconnect at the end of the day, but unwinding after work is just as important when you’re remote. Otherwise, you risk burning out — and that’s why you need to set some boundaries. If for some reason your Wi-Fi isn’t reliable, you can always connect directly to your modem with an Ethernet cable. You’ll also want to have a back-up plan in place, in case you can’t connect to your home’s internet.

how to work from home successfully

It’s a good idea to attend optional meetings from time to time as well as a way to be seen. Be sure to speak up during meetings so everyone knows you’re on the call. A simple, “Thanks, everyone. Bye!” at the close goes a long way toward making your presence known. How much interpersonal interaction do you need to feel connected and included at work? If your workplace doesn’t have a strong remote culture, you may need to be more proactive about nurturing relationships. Additionally, just because you’re home and can let service people into the house or take care of pets doesn’t mean other family members should assume you always will. I say “morning routine,” but not everyone who works from home follows a nine-to-five schedule.

Structure Your Day Like Normal

Kirsten is also the founder and director of Your Best Edit; find her on LinkedIn and Facebook. The hardest part about working from home is not having a clear start time or end time, or workspace versus personal space. Typically work and home begin to blend together so you have to WORK at separating the two. They found that remote workers are not only happier, but stick with their companies longer than people who worked only in the office. But somehow, it normally ends up stretching us for the better. If you’re struggling to deal with the changes in your life, make a list of good things that have happened because of this change — such as more time with family because you no longer have to commute.

  • If you’re trying to set up more than a laptop for work, you may need something more sturdy than a writing table.
  • Managers should also regularly check communication channels like email, text, Slack and Teams to make sure they are not creating a roadblock.
  • Writing down these goals will motivate the actions you take next.
  • You won’t always have control, but by being specific about when you’re available and setting limits as much as possible, you can have the best of both worlds.
  • If you are high in conscientiousness then you are very organized and detail-oriented.
  • Don’t just ask what to do; simply state the problem and what decision you think is the right one; if they agree or tweak it a little, you build a bond of a trusted team member.
  • “Managing my time and not overworking was going to be the biggest challenge,” she says.

It’s time for your colleagues to recognize you for what you accomplish, not how impressively short your lunch break is. One of the most unfortunate things about offices is that people tend to think if you come in early and stay late, that you’re working hard. In being present, virtually, make it clear to your manager or your direct reports when you’ve “entered the office” for the day, and when you plan to leave, or be offline. Let working from home give you another way to be present. The best way to do this is to stay in touch with coworkers and your team, as mentioned above, but to also be assertive.

For Managers

If you hit your targets and are disrespectful, inconsiderate, or in any way intolerant of others, this will damage your career. If you are going to be trusted to work from home and even be considered for promotions and career development, you have to be clear on your goals and deliver those outcomes. So many people have told me, “oooh, I could never work from home.

how to work from home successfully

If you’re addicted to coffee like I am, having a coffee means that the day has begun. Check out our guide for how to have productive meetings so that you never miss a crucial step in preparing. If you haven’t already, look into tools like Trello and Asana that make it easy to keep track of projects, either for yourself or if you want to track projects collaboratively with others.

Set up a Functional Workspace

But when you are standing, there are instinctive signals to your brain to keep your muscles engaged—otherwise, every time you got lost in an email chain while standing, you’d end up on the floor! ” She goes on to explain that when using a standing desk, your muscles are automatically engaged and pumping blood through the veins in your legs.

how to work from home successfully

If you don’t usually work from home, chances are there will be some bumps in the road if you have to suddenly go fully remote. The key to steering through these how to work from home successfully bumps is communication—especially with your manager and direct reports. Do the same with anyone you usually work collaboratively with throughout the day.

They might think that since you’re at home all day, you have plenty of time to walk their dog, pick up their groceries, or meet their child at the bus stop. Others find it easier to simply write out what they have to do each day and then pick tasks off the list at random until they’re all complete.

  • It’s the most human way of communicating that remote work can offer, making it vital for morale in the long run.
  • So, now my self-designated workspace is in my dining room.
  • One way I’m fixing this is by having only so many snack-able foods.
  • “If you have a room in your home with a door that you can close so it is not visible to guests, your organization can be more utilitarian, such as filing cabinets or banker’s boxes.
  • Almost every aspect of work is being reconsidered, so jump in with suggestions, big or small.
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