Szálláslehetőség Dabason a város peremén, a központtól 2 percre! Szállásaink 2 különálló apartmanházból állnak (4-2 fő részére), melyekből 1 mini konyhával felszerelt. Az esti lazításhoz hangulatos borospincével állunk rendelkezésre. Parkolási lehetőség zárt udvarban. Vadászok számára is tökéletes szálláslehetőség.

In Hungary, Dabas and its surrounding is the horse rider’s earthly heaven. Basing on this facility and following the modern age spirit we would like to familiarize this amazingly beautiful natural environment to those people who ride on the modern age’s horse, the ’iron horse’. The majority of this field is plane. Forests, mine lakes, sand dunes and marshlands alternating each other. This is the driest part of this region, that is why we have the possibility to meet several deep, sandy roads during our trip. This is a perfect connected area for motor riders.
In 2009 the world famous Dakar Rally’s hungarian supplementary round was organised in Budapest, in which several famous stars were participated. One scene of the route was Dabas and its surrounding. Since then, several national rally heats are organised here.
Our familiar accomodation is situated on the outskirt of the city, where rally tours can be easily organised. We mainly organize daily tours, at the end of each day we return to our place. Our guests have the possibility to take part in organized tour, but they also can arrange their own unique route and program. We can also ensure a tour guide/an attendant. If the guest do not have a motorbike on their own, of course, they will have the possibility to hire.
We are waiting for the applications via e-mail and telephone where we can give further information about accomodation and eating facilities.

Tel.: +36309865728